Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few steps in our exchange process.

Enter exchange details
For example, you are to swap USDC to Bitcoin. In the "You send" field, choose "USDC" from the drop-down menu and type the amount of coins you would like to exchange. Then in the "You get exactly" field, select "BTC". After that, the "You get exactly" field will automatically calculate the amount you will receive. Fill in your BTC target address and USDC refund address incase the exchange does not go through, then click the "Next step" button.
How it works Velo Trust
Confirm Trade
Cross-check that all your trade details are correct and click the "Confirm trade" button.
How it works Velo Trust
Make payment
Velo Trust will generate the USDC deposit address for you. Send the agreed amount of USDC to the wallet and after your payment has been confirmed on the blockchain, the exchange process will begin.
How it works Velo Trust
Your swapped coins will be sent to the target wallet you provided within a few minutes of blockchain confirmation, we will provide you with the trade completion details and that is it.
How it works Velo Trust


Yes, Velo Trust is authorised to provide its services under the 2012 United Kingdom Financial Services Act. You can email our support team to request our letter of authorisation.
Our minimum trade size is US $1,000.
If you filled our account opening form correctly, we are able to set up your account immediately.
The price quoted to you is all-inclusive, and there will be no additional fees charged. The price you are quoted is all you will pay.
Settlement takes a few minutes after blockchain confirmation.
Yes, we provide our services to all traders irrespective of country of residence. Except in jurisdictions where cryptocurrency trading is prohibited.
If you would like your account closed and your personal data deleted, please send a request to and we would be happy to do so.
Please reach out to our support desk who offer around the clock support via email or live-chat.