Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our most frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of how our escrow service works.

Velo Trust is an over-the-counter brokerage for buying and selling bulk amounts of Bitcoin. We offer the best pricing on the market through leveraging our global reaching and extensive network of liquidity partners.
Trading with Velo Trust not only ensures you get the best deal it also means you can avoid the significant slippage risk experienced when trading against illiquid order books of even the largest retail exchanges.
Yes, Velo Trust is authorised to provide its services under the 2012 United Kingdom Financial Services Act. You can email our support team to request our letter of authorisation.
Our minimum trade size is US $100,000.
If you filled our account opening form correctly, we are able to verify your information against credit reference agency information and have your account open within minutes.
Bank wire to the the bank account you provided us with.
The price quoted to you is all-inclusive, and there will be no additional fees charged. The price you are quoted is all you will pay.
Bitcoin settlement is completed 24 hours after we confirm receipt of your payment, while fiat settlements occur between 1-3 business days depending on the location of your bank, the currency being settled, and the time the trade took place.
For bitcoin settlements we provide the transaction ID and a detailed bank statement for fiat settlement.
We utilize worldwide payment processors with tier 1 bank accounts, giving us global banking coverage and making it possible for us to deal with you efficiently no matter where you are located.
Yes, we provide our services to all qualified buyers and sellers irrespective of country of residence.
If you would like your account closed and your personal data deleted, please send a request to and we would be happy to do so.
Please reach out to our support desk who offer around the clock support via email or telephone.