Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our most frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of how our service works.

Most escrow services only have the capability to validate, monitor and safely hold fiat funds but no capability to secure cryptocurrency. However, we at Velo Trust via our airgapped, cold storage infrastructure solutions are able to totally secure bitcoin held in escrow. The bitcoin we hold in escrow on behalf of our clients is also insured against loss.
After the transaction is opened, the escrow officer provides the buyer with escrow funding instructions, then confirms the availability of funds to the seller and requests bitcoin transfer to the designated escrow wallet, after bitcoin confirmation of receipt, purchase price is then released to the seller and bitcoin to the buyer.
We hold escrowed funds in USD, GBP & EUR denominated bank accounts.
Once all assets have been confirmed in escrow, fiat funds are sent to seller and then bitcoin is forwarded to buyers wallet. Purchase price reaches sellers bank account within 3 days depending on their bank jurisdiction and currency.
Fiat assets are federally insured and digital assets are insured from the moment we receive them in escrow to the moment they reach the counterparty wallet.
Our escrow transaction fee is fixed at 1%. This fee can be split between both parties or paid entirely by a single party depending on the transaction terms.
In order to use and onboard our service we require you to provide us with some of your personal data which is verified against credit reference agency data in order to fulfil our KYC/AML compliance checks. Your personal data is protected by privacy laws and is never shared with any third parties. It is also protected from any form of data breach by military grade encryption.
We are able to verify and onboard clients within 24 hours of all necessary account opening submissions.
All brokers/intermediaries as noted on the IMFPA are settled alongside the transacting parties once all assets are confirmed in escrow.
For bitcoin settlements we provide the transaction ID and a detailed bank statement for fiat settlement.
HSBC and Halifax Bank, both domiciled in the United Kingdom.
Escrowed bitcoin is held in air-gaped cold wallets.
The moment we receive buyers funds in escrow, we quote the corresponding bitcoin you have to send from Bitstamp prices based on the discount or premium you are selling at.
Yes, we provide our services to all qualified buyers and sellers irrespective of country of residence.
Fiat funds in escrow will be refunded to buyer if seller fails to send bitcoin to escrow within 2 working days of fiat funding.
If you would like your account closed and your personal data deleted, please send a request to and we would be happy to do so.