About Us

We are experts in trust, quality and timely service delivery. Our service is built to enable safe and efficient transactions in the bitcoin OTC market.


Since 2014, Velo Trust has been providing trusted escrow solutions to individuals and institutions. We are a global organisation, bringing our diverse expertise and deep knowledge to the sophisticated financial needs of our clients around the world. We are committed to earning our client’s trust by building lasting relationships and confidence, putting your interests first in everything we do. Every interaction with us is defined through our core values and culture of doing what’s right for our clients. We are the partner you can depend on to help you successfully transact in the OTC space.

Who We Are

Velo is a Latin word, which translates to speed. We truly embody the idea of speed and swift service delivery and it is evident in our transaction and settlement time.
Our goal is to provide our users with a seamless, speedy but secure escrow service which enables them close bitcoin OTC transactions simply and safely.
Velo Trust is a group of professional escrow officers who have operated independently and privately for almost a decade now, building meaningful relationships with significant buyers and sellers of digital assets along the way.
We understand the burgeoning needs of bitcoin OTC market participants and constantly aim for an optimum level of service delivery.

We offer you

  • An innovative escrow service, which places a high level of emphasis on integrity, privacy and security.
  • Professional and impartial expertise in delivering, assisting and closing your OTC transactions.
  • Cost effectiveness that ensures using our service is always the more practical option cost wise.

Our Escrow Officers

Our escrow officers have excelled in securities, banking and finance fields for over 30 years.

Greg Dawson
Lilian Norman