Simplifying Your
Bitcoin Trade Process

Our service allows bitcoin buyers and sellers to easily complete large over-the-counter (OTC) transactions online in a discreet, prompt and secure manner. We bring block-size liquidity to the finger tips of institutional investors, family offices, miners and high net-worth individuals at extremely competitive prices.
If you are buying or selling bitcoin? You will get the best price here.

How it works

  1. Signup

    Get started by opening an OTC trade account here. Please note that we will require a one time submission of your proof of identification and residence.

    However, for privacy reasons your personal identifiable documents will only be used for verification at time of account opening and will not be linked to your account nor will they be shared with any third parties.

  2. Open trade

    Through your online dashboard you will be able to receive an instant quote on any bitcoin purchase or sell order you input.

    If you agree to the price offered at any point in time, the trade is confirmed. You will then need to provide a deposit address for your purchased bitcoin or bank account information for the proceeds of your sale.

  3. Complete trade

    Once the Velo Trust OTC team receives your wire transfer or bitcoin, your assets are sent to the specified wallet address or bank account respectively, alongside an email confirmation including your transaction receipt, and your trade is complete.